What makes you a terrible writer?

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Dear friend, if being a better writer is one of your goals, this is going to be interesting. Like usual, I won’t be writing specific words about online writing or copywriting. This time, it’s different.

Whether you’ve a goal of writing the next great American novel or the next million dollar sales letter — this turns out to be a valuable message.

The truth is: you want to be a better writer. But, somewhere along the line you know that something’s misplacing you.

Deep inside, you know, you’re a terrible writer. Your words hardly make any sense. You read all these awesome articles on the internet and feel bad about your writing style.

You see these writers making six figures in income and ask yourself, when am I going to make this much money?

Your doubts and misconceptions are understandable. You’re young and ambitious. Or, you’re pursuing your dream in the late 50’s. But, you cannot be the same boring writer as you used to be.

There has to be some ways. And, what is it that really makes you a terrible writer?

1 ) You don’t read:

Opps! This has to be the number one reason behind your terrible writing style. It’s because, writing, as much as it’s about scribbling words, it’s about consuming abundant words and opinions and facts.

The thing that makes you a better writer is not the writing itself. If you read somewhere that you’ve to write more to become a better writer, you read the wrong advice.

What makes you a better writer is how much you read. The more you read, the better you understand about the facts and opinions of others. The more ideas you’ll generate. And the cleaner will be your writing style.

If you don’t read, you won’t be able to craft appealing words. You won’t have different ideas and facts and opinions. Hence, you won’t be able to formulate your own opinions as well.

Reading has benefits of increasing your vocabulary, thinking, formulating thoughts, and many more.

If you’re a terrible writer, don’t look up how much you’re writing. Instead, take a breath and ask yourself, how much time do you spend reading?

2 ) You’re not creative:

The type of creative that I’m talking about is not generating ideas out of thin air. It’s not even about writing a story or spending hours and hours into writing a well-written piece.

Trust me, if you do that, you need another job to support yourself in the beginning days of your writing career.

Creative muscle, it’s a tiny little part of your brain. You’ve got some. I’ve got some. Heck, the guy who masturbated all over his pants, has one.

But, the thing is, not everyone knows how to use it. To use it, you’ve to strengthen it. And to make it strong, you’ve to use it.

Did I confuse you? I hope not. Let me explain.

Simply, creativity is being able to see things from different angles. Remember the math problem your teacher gave in class? You tried every possible way to solve it.

Minutes later, only to see it from a different angle and solve it in just a few seconds.

That’s creativity.

As a writer, creativity is what makes you eligible to put foods on the table. You won’t be able to make a living without this thing.

And if you’ve followed me throughout this way, you know, the lack of it makes you a terrible writer.

If everyone says that the cat jumps off the wall. Say it another way, the wall is too short for a cat to jump off of it.

Basically, that’s not an ideal definition of creativity. And that’s certainly not what real creatives do.

But, as a beginner, you need a taste of it. And that’s how you do.

3 ) You’re not a logical thinker:

You don’t have to solve a great philosophical problem. Neither do you have to be a great mathematician. Most writers, who are terrible at writing, are actually terrible at logical thinking.

It’s this.

When you write a manual for putting together the pieces of a toy, you don’t write it randomly. You write logically, one step followed by another.

Step one: do this

Step two: do that

And so on.

It’s this thing that makes a good writer great. And the lack of it makes you a terrible writer. Because the more orderly will be your information, the easier it will be for your readers to comprehend.

So, the next time you sit down to write and grind your nose on the ground — start with this.

Don’t write. Read and think. Make possible connections by putting together the pieces into your article. Find ways to put it in proper order, then, write.

4 ) You write a lot:

Did I just say something controversial? If this sounds too bad to be true, let me put up some extra light in the above words.

I didn’t say, “you write.” I said, “you write a lot.” And by “writing a lot,” what I’m indicating is that you spend so many hours writing the stuff than it’s usually needed to be.

Think of it this way.

A guy, who wants to bulk up a little bit and get the perfect beach body before the next summer arrives, doesn’t spend countless hours hitting the gym.

He doesn’t wake up at 4:00 AM in the morning and starts lifting the weight, and he lifts it till the day ends. That’s bullshit.

To get the perfect beach body, that guy not only spends a specific hour hitting the gym, but also sleeps well and follows a proper diet. The same goes with your writing.

Like so many other writers who want to go big the next week or the next month, you spend countless hours writing and editing the stuff. Oh, the more you write the better it gets, doesn’t it? No, it does not.

To become a better writer, you’ve to read and think and be able to formulate different ideas and opinions. Writing, it’s a byproduct and a combination of all these things.

If your writing is terrible, introspect your own behavior. Tell me, do you spend countless hours writing the article than it needs to be?

If your answer is all round of a YES — you may be right in your own words.

But, I hope not — and I disagree.



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