The ridiculously useful technique to stand out as an online writer

Here’s how.

Saroj Shrestha
2 min readApr 21, 2022


The ridiculously useful technique to stand out as an online writer
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If you’re like most online writers, you spend a majority of your days writing. If you’re dedicated and smart enough to know this, you read voraciously. However, there’s a minority of writers who do this one thing to stand out as an online writer.

It won’t take months and years of hard work for you to achieve this feat. An hour of work and strategy will set you up for success.

The problem is, most online writers write for themselves.

Believing it’s their internal motivation that’ll keep them moving and one day, finally, they’ll succeed. This may work for you when you’re a fiction or creative writer.

But, in the context of online writing, this hardly even works.

Online writing is purely done with the intention to convert readers into your potential customers. Either through selling your own products and services or promoting others’ products in your words.

If you don’t write for the readers, hardly anyone will even read your articles. Thus, leading you to a catastrophic failure. Or, into the lost world.

The only way to stand out as an online writer is by writing articles for the readers. Understand your audience, their problems, desires and curiosities. Then, write about the things they’re willing to read.

These could be articles about the things of their interests or solutions to their specific problems. Once you understand this and apply it in your real life, you’ll stand out as an online writer.