The Cringiest Habit Stealing Your Writings’ Dream

The Cringiest Habit That Steals Millions of Writers’ Dream
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I’ve been an online writer for more than a year now. But if you look at my history, I haven’t achieved a lot in the last 365 days. It is daunting to know this, but millions of online writers have this cringiest habit which steals their writing dream.

Whether your dream is to be a top writer on Medium or sell thousands of copies of your eBook or land a five figure deal with one of your potential clients, it kills your dream.

I didn’t know about it either. Until, I scrutinized my own behavior and noticed this one crucial thing.

I’ve a day job, where I work tirelessly until I reach burnout. My passion for motor bikes and travelling and other distractions leads me to watch countless videos on YouTube.

At last, when a certain level of productivity and willingness to work exceeds my body and I feel fatigued, I sit down to write articles. Only to wonder about it for a while, and ask myself, “why am I not being able to write these articles?”

The problem?

With a certain level of openness to experience and creativity, comes the curse of distraction. Your mind is distracted by hundreds of things. And inside this distracted mind, your goal is not even your top priority. Even if it is, it’s clouded by dust of distractibility.

Your top priorities are YouTube, Netflix, Movies, Parties, and a whole slew of other things. Hence, the reason you fail every time you try to succeed.

You see, when something’s not your first priority, you don’t work harder to get it. You distract your mind with whatever comes your way. Some writers have developed this habit overtime, but some are inborn (ADHD). When you’re the latter, you can’t ignore it instantly.

And, the other thing is, only a few writers take the necessary action to succeed. They don’t write articles. They don’t publish it on blogs or other publications. Some of them don’t even do the research before writing.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned that distraction and inaction kills more writers’ dream than lack of knowledge about the subject or not being a grammar Nazi.

You’re ignorant about the subject, you can do the research and educate yourself. You’ve poor grammar skills, you can learn about punctuation and verbs.

If being a top writer on Medium or selling your eBook or landing a five figure gig is your top priority, you’re willing to work harder to learn the necessary skills to succeed. And, if it’s not, you’re willing to ignore the necessary steps too.

So, take a moment of breath now, and think about it for a while. What’s your first priority? Your dream? Or, watching YouTube, Netflix and scrolling down on social media?

Choose your sacrifice. As it goes with the saying, “if you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.”




Writer, creator and thinker

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Saroj Shrestha

Saroj Shrestha

Writer, creator and thinker

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