It Took 8 Months For Me To Acquire 760 Followers on Medium.

It Took 8 Months For Me To Acquire 760 Followers on Medium.
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There are a few secrets about the platform that a lot of writers are unaware of. Along with those secrets, comes a few issues. And in those issues, lies the secret power of growth.

I started publishing articles on Medium in August, 2021. Back then, I wasn’t a consistent publisher on the platform as I’m now. So, I had a linear growth. In about 5 months, I acquired 200 followers.

While I was doing this on the side, I read countless stories from other writers who went viral and accumulated 1k to 2k followers in less than 3 months alone. To me, that was surprising.

And like any other writer who wanted to hit the chart but unable to move forward, I started looking for the hacks. And I found a few. I quit writing for a while. And again, I started publishing on the platform. In about the next 3 months I almost doubled and even tripled my Medium followers.

So, without further ado, here are the lessons I’ve learned.

1 ) Stories are powerful:

Some of my articles on Medium have acquired almost 1.3K views and applause. And of those which did, most of them are a compilation of my personal stories. The hacks, tricks and strategies. The lessons on how I did a certain thing and so on.

The thing that a lot of Medium writers are unaware of is, Medium is best suited for writers who love writing about personal stories. Not in a sense you brag about yourself and bore your readers into sleep.

Instead, you write your stories in a way sharing a lesson and helping your readers avoid a few mistakes or write about a strategy to help them succeed.

2 ) Consistency is EVERYTHING:

When I first started publishing on Medium, I didn’t know the platform favored regular publishers. My publishing rate was so low, in about three months, I published 3–4 articles. And in the next four months, I published somewhere close to five.

So, it was clear why I lacked any followers.

Listen, Medium is a platform for learning and sharing what you’ve learned. So, people here are not here to waste their time. They’re here to learn something. And the best way to learn new things is by following a creator who publishes regularly.

Meanwhile, regular publishing also indicates to the Medium algorithm that you’re a consistent follower on Medium and helping the platform to keep readers engaged. So, it boosts your stories even more to acquire more readers and followers and thus, helps you to succeed.

3 ) Checking followers’ mark is injurious to health:

When was the last time I checked my followers on Medium? I don’t actually know. But, a few months ago, this wasn’t me at all. I wrote stories and published them on the platform. And every hour or so, I checked the number of claps it got or the number of followers on my profile.

Let me tell you, checking followers’ marks is as injurious to your emotional and psychological health as smoking is to your lungs. This keeps you in a loop and distances you from creating a piece you’ll be most proud of.

While metrics and views are reliable forms of indicator to how much growth you’ve achieved, it’s not a reliable source of your happiness. Check your stories. Check your followers. And check which of your stories got the most views. Not to feel happy about it sometimes, but to repeat the same thing and acquire more followers over time and grow digitally.

The thumb rule of online writing is: repeat what works, and repeat what works even more. However, keep in mind, this has nothing to do with your emotional or psychological well-being.

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