4 ways to manipulate a reader into believing you’re good

4 ways to manipulate a reader into believing you’re good
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I’m not a good writer. Not in a sense, closer to crafting a grammatically correct piece. However, in this guide, you learn everything I do to manipulate my readers into believing I’m good. Or, an expert.

Later, you get the exact formula for structuring your sentences and paragraphs into readable pieces. In short, my process looks something like this, which I’m going to explain.

First, I read articles, churn out information into numerous pieces, and scribble humorous sentences. Second, I think about it for a long time, like Einstein did with his theory of relativity. And, at last, I craft the first draft. Only then, I brush it off to make it readable and soothing. Something, my readers read with relative ease. Here’s how.

Always tell the truth, even if that means you’ll lose a few:

A few paragraphs above, I agitated the truth: I’m not a good writer. Not in a sense where I read thousands of pages about writing. Or, someone holding a degree in Arts, Communications or Creative writing.

I call myself a writer, however, I’m a manipulator. And when I say I manipulate, I don’t mean lying or playing the vogue game of deceit. As bad as this may sound: while using my words, I play with your naïve feelings.

Sometimes, squeezing in your little insecurity. Other times, dazzling your day with surprises or unexpected things. I see visuals normal eyes cannot see, listen to stories that everyone ignores, and explain things in a way most people can’t.

As you may believe it to be, I’m not doing these things unethically. Nor am I trying to get everyone on my side. Instead, I’m writing. And through writing, I tell the truth.

But, I tell it in a fascinating way, motivating the uninspired genes.

Show your expertise in things you know a lot about:

Writers these days are fooled by their own naivety. You may be unaware of this, but for you, writing about everything is not even a necessity.

If you’re an expert at marketing, write about marketing. If you’ve an expertise in logistics, write about logistics. If you’ve worked as a sales officer, write about the strategies of selling.

Most people read about science, information, and technology. Meanwhile, there are few readings about porn, pets, and logistics. The difference is, in the latter scenario, you must find a way and get in front of the readers consistently.

As a writer, you need expertise. Either in writing or a specific subject, giving you the arsenal to craft an amazing and readable piece.

Learn to explain, then communicate:

It took me years to learn the lessons I’m going to share with you today. The truth is, writing is not about scribbling. Instead, it’s a medium of communication.

This implies, each word glued on your page, must exist there for a specific reason. Not because it looks good, but, these existing words explain and communicate in a way other words can’t.

And, it’s the exact same secret for structuring your sentences and paragraphs into readable pieces. Here’s what I mean.

1 . Write your first draft.

2 . Explain the message.

3 . Communicate effectively.

4 . Get rid of the fillers.

If you follow these above four steps, your writing looks good. It won’t be anywhere close to making you one of the greatest online writers alive, but it gets you somewhere closer. That’s for sure, I’m not gonna lie.

Pack your words with extreme emotions and feelings:

Humans are emotional beings. And if you’re bad at scribbling or writing, but have a really good story to tell, here’s what you can do:

Pack your words with extreme emotions and feelings. Tell vulnerable stories, and give your readers an intense feeling about something.

This means, make your stories personal. Even if you’re writing a story explaining the lessons you’ve learned, make it about the readers. Put yourself in their shoes, and explain as if you’re talking with them. Show them your expertise in dealing with their devastating problem. Hmm, wanna know how?

First, find your ideal reader persona. Then, scrutinize their harsh problem, and the feelings they have about certain things. Moments later, when you’re free, write it dramatically.



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