3 Legitimate Mindsets That Brings Massive Results As an Online Writer

3 Legitimate Mindsets That Brings Massive Results As an Online Writer
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From the day I engaged with the content of regular publishers and online writers, I noticed a crucial difference in their mindset, setting them apart from their counterparts.

For them, it wasn’t just reading or writing or publishing online. The prominent and the most successful online writers adopted a mindset to crush it out there into the online world.

You can replicate the same mentality and include it in your lifestyle, so it’s achievable for you to accomplish your mightiest dreams.

1 . The Blue Collar Job:

It’s no wonder that influencers have glamorized the essence of online writing. From making six figures as an online writer to travelling around the world with a laptop and a pair of jeans and t-shirt in your backpack; influencers have made us believe in everything.

And, it’s even true to an extent. However, getting all over at this sweet spot is not an easy job.

It requires years of dedication and hard work. The truth is, most people never get to be at this place. Because practically, it’s hard — harder than you can even imagine.

The first and the foremost habit I’ve noticed in successful online writers is they think of their craft as a blue collar job. No glamorization. Not waiting in line for inspiration to come up with poetic words.

Instead, they sit in front of their computer and bleed. Working everyday, tirelessly, as if it’s their blue collar job.

2 . You Are a Craftsman:

There’s an old craftsman who lives down the street where I live. He’s been in his business for a decade now. So, no wonder, he amassed incredible skills.

The same goes with writing.

The top writers you see on the internet making outlandish money and getting all the attention, never got it instantly. Behind every successful online writer lies years of persistence, dedication and hard work.

Become a craftsman and shine your craft like no one else does in the town. This leads to having crazy followers and fanboys like raving fans — who’ll wave you at your doorstep like they do with Shahrukh Khan.

3 . Take Baby Steps and Climb The Ladder Overtime:

We all start from the same place. Zero connections. No mentor. And lack of proper guidance. The thing that separates the elite performers in any field from the mediocre is the strategy, persistence and clarity of their goals.

Think of it this way:

The simplest way to become an online writer is by publishing 2 to 3 articles per week in Medium or numerous publications and pitching as many businesses as you can. You hone your craft and stay patient.

However, it’s harder for you to do so without even earning a penny or not amassing any followers or not getting any results instantly. Hence, the reason only few succeed.

Successful online writers know success takes time. They take one step at a time, accomplish one goal, and move their target point to another. And I believe, for the most part, that’s the only way to accomplish your mightiest dreams.

Final Words

We’re bound by our beliefs. And we take actions based on what we believe to be true. So, having a positive mindset is crucial for your success. If you want to be a successful online writer, reading or writing alone won’t get you there.

If you’ve the wrong mindset, it surely leads you to take the wrong actions. Before you act upon your writing goals, develop a positive mindset in order to crush it out there into the online world.



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